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We are looking for the following roles to be added to our team.


Please send your resume to if you are interested!


We're on the hunt for a dynamic individual to join us as a Data Analysis Executive/Manager, someone who's not just adept with SPSS but also has a knack for dissecting data and crafting insightful reports. In this role, you'll delve into intricate data sets, applying statistical techniques, and converting your discoveries into detailed reports. The perfect fit for this position would be someone who has a robust background in data analysis, is a whiz at SPSS, and possesses the finesse to translate complex data into clear, impactful insights.


You will be working in tandem with different teams, pinpointing trends and patterns that will shape strategic decisions. If you're driven by a passion for data, find joy in unraveling complex data puzzles, and seek to impact decision-making with your analytical acumen, this role is tailor-made for you.

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